Promises Made. Promises Kept.

Stand up and be Counted

DedicatedWe are Enstone Construction Inc., and we are in the business of earning and sustaining our clients’ confidence, trust, and loyalty through the delivery of world-class construction management, administration, and craftsmanship. The industry to which we belong, and the clients to which we are dedicated have come to expect nothing short of excellence from Enstone; and since our inception it remains the foundation on which everything at Enstone is built.

To DeliveringOur manner is down-to-earth. Realistic, yet flexible and adaptable. Approachable, personable, and equally obliging, solutions are forged by a close-knit group of management, staff, and tradespeople. No holds barred, Enstone’s founders are visible and on the front lines, not only providing leadership, but hands-on assistance, total transparency, and absolute accountability. With a total commitment to quality – practiced, not just preached – everything that is Enstone must reflect and deliver nothing short of absolute quality, while embracing the will and expending the effort to improve our products and services. Our collective and shared objective is to not only meet our customers’ requirements and expectations, but to exceed them.

A Command PerformanceWhen awarded a project we accept it on the basis that we will deliver to a client’s demands and expectations; for grey areas, uncertainty, and unexpected surprises are not a part of the Enstone toolkit. An Enstone project is a project delivered as planned, on promise, on time, and on budget; and each performance is dutifully underscored by uncompromising standards by which we stand to be measured.

Affiliations and Memberships

On Our ToesEnstone’s membership and participation in our industry’s professional associations allows it to be privy to the challenges and the issues our clients face, and to remain on top of new and evolving technologies, methodologies, solutions, and insights specific to our industry. We are fortunate and proud to retain our membership in the following organizations, and invite you to learn more about the associations of which we are a part.

Ethical, Open, and TransparentEnstone Construction Inc. is a member of the Ottawa Construction Association (OCA), a strategic pipeline for construction project information and construction services in eastern Ontario’s construction industry. The OCA makes accessible over 15,000 construction bid projects to its members annually through its physical and electronic plansroom, providing for a level playing field for the tendering of construction services that is fair, open, and transparent. As the third largest regional construction association in Canada, OCA’s membership builds more than 90% of the Ottawa region’s commercial, industrial, and institutional market. OCA also acts as the construction industry’s voice in championing suitable and desirable construction-related governmental legislation, while encouraging industry best practices that respect the principles of fairness, ethics, and teamwork. In addition, the OCA provides the construction industry with services designed to encourage and foster communication, and minimize disputes and delays. Representation on the OCA Board of Directors consists of general contractors; trade contractors; mechanical/electrical contractors, road builders and heavy construction contractors; manufacturers, and supplier and service companies and professionals.

For additional information on the OCA, the tendering process, and its services please visit