Highlights at a Glance

Experience, Knowledge, and Credibility

The Total Package

Enstone fields all aspects of commercial and institutional construction.

Non-invasive Project Implementation in Occupied Space

Enstone has an untarnished and applauded history of managing and coordinating interior fit-ups in occupied and unoccupied space in commercial as well as institutional environments for safe and uninterrupted “business as usual” client operations.

Health, Protection of People and Property

In accordance with the Province of Ontario’s Health and Safety Policy and Procedures, Enstone maintains safe and efficient job sites to protect those involved in construction duties, the public, and employees located on or adjacent to the construction zone.

Exacting Documentation, Comprehensive Project Management

Enstone provides its clients with complete project management and construction documentation.

Uncompromising Quality Control; Responsible, Accountable, and Accurate Cost Analysis

Enstone rigidly adheres to quality control measures and provides cost analysis.

Up-to-speed on Rules, Regulations, and Legislation

Enstone possesses up-to-the-moment knowledge and familiarity with current building codes.

Fine-tuned Assimilation, Calculation for a Job Done Right

Enstone successfully interprets the needs and objectives of a project to consistently deliver to customer requirements.

Architectural Interpretation Prowess

Enstone is adept at disseminating architectural and construction blueprints for exacting analysis of design criteria.

Seamless and Fluid Project Management

Enstone has extensive experience in project management and coordination with sub-contractors, suppliers, and in-house staff.

Top-tier Compliance

Enstone is fully compliant with PWGSC clearances.